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RIDGID TC-40 Battery Powered Plastic & Multilayer Cutter RIDGID TC-40 Battery Powered Plastic & Multilayer Cutter Ref: 36133
RIDGID opens a "New Era in Tube Cutting" with the TC-40, a new battery powered Tubing Cutter for automatically cutting plastic and multilayer tubing in few seconds.
The RIDGID TC-40, powered by a detachable 12V Lithium-Ion battery, is a compact and light-weight solution for cutting all types of plastic (PE, PP, PEX, PVDF, PVC) and Multilayer tubing up to 42 mm.
With a powerful 75W motor and the special pointed blade, square and precise cuts are performed in less than 5 seconds. The TC-40 dramatically increases productivity and offers many additional features that provide the user extended ease-of-use and full-control over cutting operations.
Capacity: 3 - 42mm Dual trigger: instantly change blade direction (forward & reverse)
X-CEL™ quick-change blade and pin: replace the cutting blade in just seconds without having to use any tools
Integrated LED-light: continue operations in low-light environments Detachable multilayer adapter: for improved cutting performance on Multilayer tubing
The RIDGID TC-40 comes packed in a rugged plastic carrying case that holds space for 2 spare blades and 2 extra Li-Ion batteries.

Price:198.00 (237.60 Including VAT at 20%)