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What is the JET?
The JET is a revolutionary hand tool which supports masonry by horizontally pre stressing the brickwork above a proposed opening with a force great enough to prevent collapse and allow an unobstructed access to the job.
How does it work?
When preparing to either replace or create an opening in the wall simply remove the mortar from bricks at the advised spacing’s, insert the JET’s and tighten them up.
What Happens then?
Once the JET’s are in place that’s it – You can start work! The cross pressure of around 3.28kn created by the JET far exceeds the recommended 2.1kn to prevent collapse!
Simply insert the JET’S, tighten them up, do your work, remove the JET’s, re mortar and the job is done!!
Why the JET?
Simple!! The JET saves you money, labour time, space in the van and is the easiest to install solution on the market that can be transported in a tool kit!!
The JET Safety Tool. To create a new point of load or to support the masonry above a new opening, up to1250mm wide in a cement mortar mix.
For openings up to a maximum of 1250mm wide in a cement mortar mix or to reinstate a point of load above an opening, reducing the number of props required safely when using traditional propping methods.
JET - builders brickwork, blockwork and masonry support. Experience the difference. A convienient, low cost alternative which answers all the problems associated with traditional methods. Supporting brickwork and blockwork internally and externally. No more prop attachments to impede you.

Price:35.45 (42.54 Including VAT at 20%)


Tools UK > Acro Props ,Strongboys > "JET" - JOINT EXPANSION TOOL

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